Submissions are now closed

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Hello, Wendy here

Thanks to everyone who submitted to our next issue (09) we’ll be going through the inbox and confirming submissions, probably next week. We are now closed for submissions. We’ll let you know when you can expect a response from us, and we promise it won’t be too far away!

In the mean time, I am still catching up with subscriptions and sales and anyone who has bought or subscribed should expect their copies next week. We ended up needing to order more magazines, which is brilliant, thank you!

last week we launched issue 08 of the magazine and it was a brilliant night. I’m updating the YouTube channel this week so you’ll be able to see the fantastic contributors and the moving, thought provoking and interesting reading from Victoria Bennett, whose new book All My Wild Mothers launched recently. You’ll find an interview with her in issue 08.

For now, that’s all the new i have. The launch of each issue ends up being hectic and exciting, and it certainly is for issue 08! Please bear in mind that Spelt is produced around the editor’s full time work, and your patience is much appreciated as we fight on to bring what we think is a beautiful and necessary literary magazine to you.

I hope you’re enjoying the Spring. Where I am at Spelt HQ the hawthorn is full of blossom and while the weather has been unpredictable, my elderly dog and I are thoroughly enjoying some long walks around the North Yorkshire countryside.

Take care


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