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Thanks to the support of the backers who pledged their money to Spelt, we have made our funding target! This means we can now start the process of getting issue one created.

What We’re Up to Now:

The Spelt Poetry Prize

We have decided to leave the kickstarter open in case anyone else wants to pledge, and any extra money we raise will go towards a poetry competition for rural writing, in line with the Spelt message. I’ve already costed the competition out, and have made a list of potential judges to approach. As soon as we have raised the money for it, we can go ahead. This will be a competition with a monetary prize, and publication in Spelt, and there will be an awards ceremony too. But it may take a while to raise the cash to put the wheels in motion for this. Any extra help very gratefully received!


This week we started looking at logos. Brilliant Steve took a tiny doodle I’d done and brought back a range of ideas based on that doodle. We are nearly there with it, so watch this space. The logo will appear on the magazine itself, but will also be on the bespoke tote bags and pencil cases that form part of some of our backer’s rewards.

You Tube

We’re also looking at opening the Spelt You Tube chanel this week, we’re we’ll be running some live events, showcasing film poems and using it as a platform to show interviews. All this takes a little bit of time, but hopefully this part of the plan will be up and running by the end of November ready to launch the Spelt Electronic Christmas Calendar in December.

The Spelt Christmas Electronic Advent Calendar – Answering Some Questions

We are open to submissions of three line poems until the 22nd November. Submissions details here:


  1. Do the poems need to be haiku? The poems need to be three lines (we have limited space in the calendar) but do not have to be a strict haiku.
  2. Do the poems have to be about Christmas? They don’t have to be Christmas themed, or even winter themed.
  3. What sort of themes are you looking for? We’re interested in capturing moments in nature and using the small space of the advent calendar to maximum effect. Wintry poems are welcomed, but anything that captures rural life or nature are welcome.
  4. When will I find out if my submission is successful? I will be in contact with everyone by 29th November, and if you’ve been successful you’ll also know what day of advent your poem will appear.
  5. Do the poems have to be unpublished? We prefer unpublished, but if you let us know where the poem/s first appeared, we can then credit that magazine too, we’re all about supporting other magazines at Spelt.

Why ‘Spelt’?

Spelt is an ancient grain brought to Britain thousands of years ago and cultivated by our ancient farmers from around 2000 BC. It is tenacious, delicious, hardy and nutritious. It’s also the past participle of spell; both an essential act for creating the written word and a noun for a magical invocation, a conjuring of something magical.

We want to make Spelt a self sustaining magazine full of excellent poetry and creative non fiction, interviews, reviews, articles and writing prompts, but we need your help.

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that not everybody has access to the arts, and by making the creative arts accessible to people who may not be able to travel, we help to make the arts inclusive of all writers and artists with something to say about their own existence. We have seen a revolution in the way we interact and we want to build on that.

To live rurally is to, in general, live in areas with poor transport links, where the physicality of travel can often be almost impossible. This means that interacting with the creative arts on the platforms available is difficult and becomes exclusionary, devaluing the rural experience. During the pandemic we saw what electronic, web based interaction could do, and we also saw people reaching out to nature and the landscape around themselves, looking for the natural spaces in which to breath and exist.

Our five year plan includes outreach workshops in rural settings, online webinars and conferences and a magazine that values the rural landscape and the people living within it, a magazine that proactively encourages creativity, as well as celebrating those writers working in rural settings, writing about the rural experience, celebrating nature and the natural world.

You can help us get the first issue of Spelt produced and printed, so that we can set our best foot forward in the literary world. Please help us (and receive some fantastic freebies) by donating to our Kickstarter:

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